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Banking And Insurance Urdu PDF Free Download

Regarding Ribah, Maulana Maududi has replied to this amazing task of the present day age in his e-book “hobby” with argument and proof. however, I would like to in short provide an explanation for right here how an Islamic government can clear up this trouble in exercise. for my part, the way to do that is to first near the hobby rate within us of a. He stated that efforts need to be made to take away Riba in Trade or Business.

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In fact, it is wrong to use this way of thinking in Islamic jurisprudence to create some Shariah resources within the system of falsehood in order to prevent such and such harm and harm to the Muslims which is being inflicted on them under the government of Kufr. Thought changes, Islam, instead of changing Muslims, that is, it opens the door to modernity instead of modernization, which is extremely destructive to the religious system, and alas, domination? In the age of disbelief, fatwa writing has been following the same path.

In fact, the problem is that all this is forbidden to you according to the constitution of the government of disbelief. On the other hand, for the sake of some benefits or to avoid some harms, they also take advantage of the scope of haraam eating which is given by the constitution of disbelief, but which is strongly condemned by the constitution of Islam, even the jurists.

This method has made Muslims reluctant to live a contented and contented life within the false system, even though it is against the very intention of the true religion. We can never accept this way of thinking, no matter how many great scholars support it. Strive to change this system, not to make the Shari’ah conducive to living in the shadow of disbelief with some ease.


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