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How To Live Happy Married Life English PDF Book

Husband and wife relationship is the most beautiful relationship in the world in which there is love at the same time, trust in each other, if their relationship is good then they should not worry and care about anything in the world because no one Power cannot create a rift between the two, so they must hold each other’s hands without interfering with each other’s words and do not care about what others say.
The Way to a Happy Married Life Free download Islamic book English written by Shaikh-ul-Arab Wal-Ajam Arifbillah Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb and translated in the English language by Yousuf Gundiwala. In this book read about Taqwa, The Power of Allah Tala, The Rights of In-Laws, Parents Rights, The Right of Teacher, and read A Verse Pertaining To the Khutbah of Nikah and more.
Marriage is a religious duty that leads to a proper, complete family and society. Even so, life is like a journey, and couples are the companions of this journey whose path is the same and whose destination is the same. If there is complete mental harmony and love between them, then this journey can be cut very comfortably. A quiet society is subject to a peaceful marriage. Apparently, no girl lays the foundation for a “new home” because it is not inhabited or the environment is not pleasant, but sometimes the situation is not conducive and the situation goes against expectations. The peace of mind is disturbed. This is not true, it is true that women have to make more sacrifices and services than men.
Also, take special care of each other’s honor and dignity, I have heard somewhere that a woman does not ask for anything from her husband, only two things, one honor and the other love, so every man should tie this thing to the plow. The wife should avoid disrespecting herself in front of others in any case because, for a woman, the moment when she is disrespected in front of someone else is absolutely unbearable. Now read more download pdf copy total 20 pages and PDF file size 0.4MB.

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