Shahed Se Apna Ilaj Khud Kijiye Treatment With Honey PDF Book

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Shahed Se Apna Ilaj Khud Kijiye Treatment With Honey PDF Book

Honey is effective and useful in many diseases. Dr. GNW Thomas Ed Nebraskaland says that many patients with indigestion also had heart disease. I tested honey and found it to be a wonderful nutrient that corrects irregular heartbeat and strengthens the patient. Similarly, Dr. Arnold, a world-renowned nutritionist, has described the benefits of honey and the ways in which it can be used on a variety of occasions. In a chronic illness such as pneumonia, the patient’s digestion becomes weak, in which case when the patient’s heart is also weak, honey is said to be excellent food and medicine. Honey is the best protective food, says EV Mika, a professor at Hopkins University. If there is a lack of minerals in the body, a useful way to supplement it is to mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the same amount of honey, says Dr. Clint Jarr. This sour mixture is curable in many ailments ranging from scabies to asthma and from childhood to old age, as well as skin diseases. The Russian people treat burns with an ointment made from honey. This ointment can be easily made in every home by applying honey and fish oil on the affected area by taking equal weight and dissolving it well.


Treatment With Honey Shahad Se Apna Ilaj Khud Kijiye Urdu Book PDF free download or read online from our blog. Honey is a sweet liquid that bees make with the juice of flowers. Honey is one of the most precious blessings bestowed on human beings by Allah Almighty which every human being looks at with the eye of love. Among all the nutritional blessings, honey has a prominent status. ۔ Honey is a great gift of the Almighty for the weak people, the constant use of which in winter makes a person spend four months. Honey has a special place in Prophetic medicine. I have mentioned honey as a cure for people. The book under review, “Treat Yourself with Honey!” Is the work of Prof. Dr. Shahzada MA Butt. In which the properties of honey are described in a pleasing manner so that the healing essence of honey is easily understood due to which we can make the most of the healing effects of honey. May Allah Almighty accept this endeavor of Fazil Murtab and make it beneficial for the people.


Honey, is the significance and utility of this great gift of nature, which is obtained from a simple subtle mobile machine that extracts fortified liquor and pure essence from all kinds of fruits and stores it in its safe houses, Lord? We ask Dhu al-Jalal to grant us the ability to truly appreciate our blessings and to cherish the precious instructions of our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in our hearts, and to guide the lost humanity from the intellectual capital of becoming the true heirs of our forefathers. Accept to bring it straight. Honey is a useful food and medicine. Honey has been used as medicine and food since ancient times. Before beet sugar was made, honey was used for sweetening. Honey is also an effective disinfectant. Honey is a useful food in all seasons and in all ages. One of the virtues of honey is its quick effect. Honey, It has been observed that the people of the areas where honey is used live a long life. In this regard, the name of the Central Asian state of Azerbaijan can be mentioned.

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